Bed bugs have made a comeback in recent years. They are now immune to some chemical agents that worked before. They have spread everywhere due to the high rate of travel in today’s world. New York City, New Jersey and Eastern PA are one of the locations experiencing a heavy infestation.

How do bed bugs find you?

Believe it or not they are attracted to you as you exhale carbon dioxide, they feel your warmth and detect other biological signatures. When you are sleeping you are an easy target. Your enemy takes advantage of that. A blood meal only takes 10 minutes and is rather painless.

After they bite you they go back into hiding for days or even weeks before coming back out to feed. This makes bed bug detection difficult.

Bed bugs are only found in beds? Not true. Bed bugs will go to any furniture where you will sit down and stay awhile. This includes your favorite recliner, sofa and even your computer desk.

Reaction to bed bug bites differ much between people. Some don’t even now they have been bitten and the bite does not itch. Other people – even sleeping in the same bed – will swell up and the bite will itch incredibly. Just be careful of an infection from intense scratching.

Bed bugs have not been known to spread any diseases like mosquitoes.