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    Jennifer L.

    I must admit: I tried Sleep-Tite because they were so much cheaper and now am so glad I did. Several days after they serviced my house, I saw a bedbug and freaked out! I called, and they sent someone out the SAME DAY and took care of any remaining bugs for FREE!

    Lisa B.

    Sleep-Tite is a Godsend! I did not have the time to do all the prep work that’s required by the other places I called. As, a working single mother of 5 small children, I was very frustrated. Rob & Larry came in and took care of everything, and I came back to a home that was cleaner than when I left!

    J. Willams

    The Sleep-Tite crew helped us out, big time! They were clean and efficient, and had the place cleaned out from the bed bugs in no time. I am so happy with their service. I highly recommend them! If anyone else comes to me with a bedbug problem, I will gladly send them to Sleep-Tite!

    The Sleep-Tite Treatment Advantage

    Rest easy at night knowing the bed bugs won’t bite.

    Our bedbug treatment is 100% effective to kill bedbugs.